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The Ackworth Community Hub is an online resource for all things Ackworth including some helpful information about the village, some history, links to local pages and groups, links to local businesses and also a central location for information about some Ackworth events.  Please click through the pages to find out more about our lovely village.

Explore the Ackworth virtual museum, showcasing artefacts linked to Ackworth.  Click on the picture to the right to have a look and do let us know if you have any artefacts which we could photograph and add to the museum.

This website has been created and will be maintained purely by volunteers, so thank you to everyone who has contributed.  If you do get in touch, it may take a little while to get back to you as we are doing this in our spare time.  If anyone is interested in helping with the ongoing updates and upkeep, please let us know via the contact page.  There will also be some bits that are a work in progress so bear with us, but if you find any links or pages not working properly, please do let us know as it is a big help. Thank you.


The website has a small ongoing charge for hosting and as such, we are asking for small donations to help with the upkeep.  Please see the donate page for more details.

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