Feedback Results

Thank you to everyone who fed back on the festival.  Here is a summary of the results.

Overall Response

Did you make a scarecrow? Number
Yes 10
No 7
Total 17

If you didn't enter - why not (summary of responses)?

  • Didn't want to pay a fee
  • Would prefer no theme
  • Theme made it difficult for children to get involved
  • Not enough publicity so only found out at the last minute

Did you like having a theme?

Yes: 12 (71%)

No: 5 (29%)

Did you find the website useful?

Comments on Website

Yes: 13 (76%)

No: 1 (6%)

I didn't know there was a website: 3 (18%)

  • Liked the gallery - easier to see entries than on FB
  • Clear and easy to use
  • A little confusion as to whether information was on website or FB
  • Not everyone uses FB so the website helped
  • Didn't use it other than to enter

Did you find the map useful?

Yes: 16 (94%)

No: 0 (6%)

I didn't know there was a map: 1 (6%)

Comments on Map

  • Liked the colour coding
  • Would have preferred only 'live' scarecrows mapped rather than potentials
  • Would prefer more detail on street names
  • Can we have a printable one?
  • Didn't know there was one!

Would you be happy to pay a mandatory fee in future?

Yes: 11 (65%)

No: 6 (35%)

Ideas for future themes:

  • TV
  • Nursery Rhymes
  • Footballers
  • Iconic people
  • Ackworth
  • Space
  • Wild West
  • America
  • China
  • Fairy tales
  • Adventurers / Explorers
  • Pop Icons
  • Film / Music stars
  • Disney
  • Something better for the kids
  • Literary Characters (link to World Book Day?)
  • No Theme!

Any other comments:

  • Maybe have a smaller window for displaying them so there is a festival fortnight rather than have them spread out over weeks
  • Make the voting fair
  • Have an independent judge
  • Make people stick to the theme
  • Have a separate children's competition
  • Advertise more to bring people in from all over
  • Have criteria for what constitutes a scarecrow (i.e. must be made from straw!)
  • Have an actual event on a the day to celebrate (BBQ / Party etc)
  • More emphasis on the charity and more advertising
  • Perhaps the official entry and fee put people off
  • Leaflets and posters as not everyone is on FB / web
  • Hope it becomes an annual event