Cleveland Lodge

Cleveland lodge was built for the duke of Cleveland, (the 2nd earl of Darlington) in 1790 as a weekend hunting retreat. As can be seen on the 1842 map below, it had substantial grounds, with a sweeping driveway off Wakefield Road and the right hand side housed a ballroom. Notice how the side bay windows don't align with the front windows, so the windows at this end on the top floor are false windows to allow for the extra height of the ballroom just on this section which has only 2 floors.

Although unknown for definite, it is likely that at one time the long building to the West was the stable block, as up until 2020 building renovations, the horses hay racks could still be seen on the internal walls (see more photos of them on Ulbrichts Wassail Cup Factory page). The cottages alongside the stables, dating from similar times, were also likely Cleveland Lodge staff residences.

In the 20th Century the Lodge was divided up to provide 3 separate homes and much of the land to the North and East, was sold off for building. One family, although now 3rd generation, have lived there since 1942.

Hay racks on the inside walls of the stables, clearly visible during renovation of the building in 2020