2021 Festival Details

2021 is the centenary of the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal and therefore the theme this year is events in British history.

This may be:

  • Kings and Queens
  • Wars and battles
  • Fashion
  • Industry
  • Science
  • Sport
  • or anything else you can think of.  The possibilities are endless.

All entrants must make a donation (link here) and all money will go to the Ackworth Heritage Fund which helps to preserve Ackworth's history.

Scarecrows to be ready for 26th June 2021

To get involved:

Step 1
Decide on your scarecrow theme

Step 2
Contact us through the form here to declare your intention to participate.

Step 3
Make a donation on the Just Giving page (here). Please ensure you make it clear in the donation that it is you donating so we can cross reference.  All donations, no matter how big or small are welcome.

Step 4
An organiser will email you a unique number to display on your completed scarecrow.  This email may take a few days to arrive.

Step 5
Post a picture of your scarecrow on the FB site with your unique number.  Scarecrows must be in place by 26th June.

Step 6
Enjoy the wonderful scarecrows this amazing village creates this year.  You can find them mapped here or see them on the Facebook page here. Judging will take place the following week and announced on Saturday 3rd July.


If you don't fancy making a scarecrow this year, you can still donate as all money for the Ackworth Heritage Fund is greatly appreciated.

Well done Ackworth - you're amazing!