Johnson's Garage

Although I have called this page Johnson's Garage, the photo below shows it during the 1930s when it belonged to Walter North. Mr North as well as selling petrol, had a Motor and Wireless shop which can be seen down the drive and which had a door onto Bell Lane (see next photo). 

During the war, Walter was an Air Raid Warden and the ARP held their meetings in the cellar of his house as it had reinforcement props to support the floor above in case it was bombed.

Sadly on 1st September 1940, when Walter and some of his Air raid colleagues were called to an unexploded bomb over Hessle, it exploded and killed them. He was aged just 39.

Walter North had several businesses, the petrol station, Motor and Wireless Depot and was partners in a haulage business.

After Walter's death, the garage and petrol station was run by Wracks until my Grandparents Thomas and Florence Johnson bought it in the 50s. My father Peter Johnson ran his car repair business in the building down the drive and the petrol station later became my Aunt Bessie's until she retired in the mid 70s and we bought it and converted it back into a house in the mid 80s.

On the deeds, the house is called 'Wisteria Cottage' which is interesting as the Wisteria seen on the oldest photo above, as you will see, disappears and reappears over the years.

Carole Marsh (Nee Johnson)

(Above) Thomas, Peter and toddler Allan Johnson outside the car repair garage down the drive behind the petrol station / house. (The window behind Thomas is the one in Walter North's Motor and Wireless Depot).

During the 60s, the right hand ground floor window was changed to a door to give access into a shop selling sweets and tobacco. See next photo with 2 boys sitting on the shop doorstep to enjoy their 4 for 1d  Black Jacks, Fruit salads and flying saucers (equivalent of 48 chews for 5p in todays money!!!)

Many older Ackworth residents will have memories of stepping on the bell wire (which can be seen trailing across the forecourt), before running away when Bessie  came out expecting a car awaiting a petrol refill. The previous photos show the garage with 2 500 gallon tank petrol pumps and 2 vent pipes up the side of the house, then this photo shows a 1000 gallon tank was added with a 3rd pump and vent pipe. 

(Photo shows Bessie Hanson, Thomas Johnsons daughter checking the oil stock)

2022 during Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee and Ackworth Scarecrow Festival. 

Yet another change, as Walter's old Motor and Wireless Depot has been rebuilt to become the Craft Inn shop and Inscribery engraving business.