Ackworth PramFest

The 2022 PramFest will take place on Sunday 28th August at 12pm.

The PramFest is an annual event to raise money for charity.  The aim is to push a pram, containing a team member, around the village as fast as you can, stopping off to have a drink at the pubs along the way.  The wackier the better with the costumes and pram design.

Teams can be between 2 and 6 people with one person pushing and one person being pushed at all times.  No motorised prams allowed and the pram must have at least one wheel and have a place for the person being pushed to sit.

A full list of the rules can be found via a link at the bottom of this page.

The Day Itself

The race itself is only one aspect of the day and there will lots of food, drink and entertainment going on until the evening.  Please follow the Facebook page to see further updates as and when they are announced.

This will all be staged at Ackworth Cricket Ground.


All money raised will go towards the Prince of Wales Hospice.  You can donate directly by clicking here.


Please find out more about them here.

Registered Charity No: 514999


If you want to enter a team in this year's race, get in contact here.  It costs £10 per person.  Alternatively, download the relevant forms to enter from our Downloads page.


If you would like to volunteer on the day or help organise the event, please get in contact via Facebook or email