Household items

The items in this section of the museum all have been owned by old Ackworth residents and may have been passed down through the generations. All are older than 25 years making them vintage and a blast from the past...

Carpet Beater

Grandma used to use this to beat her Peggy rugs as they hung over the washing line and in the 60s I would often help. She did this at least once a week to remove dirt and dust from the rugs to keep their multi coloured patterns looking bright.

She always had a rug on the go, using up strips of fabric cut from old clothing that could no longer be mended and old hessian sacks for the backing material.

Once a new rug was completed, it would take pride of place in the front room and the one in there was then relegated to the sitting room or bedroom, whichever most needed replacing. The one in there, then went to the kitchen, then the scullery and finally down into the garage workshop for Monty the dog to lay on whilst Grandad and Dad repaired vehicles. 

(Now owned by Carole Marsh)

Sash window wedges

In the days before UPVC and double glazing, sliding wooden sash windows were often badly fitting, drafty and worst of all rattled. So on windy nights, these rubber wedges came to the rescue to jam between the outer frame and the inner frame to stop them rattling through the night. Circa 1960s  (Carole Marsh)

Herb and spice cutter

Used by grandma in the 60s to finely chop herbs from the garden to use in cooking and homemade remedies. (Carole Marsh)

Transistor Radio

It was 1968 and this Christmas present, bought from a shop in Wakefield, was destined to travel around the streets of Ackworth for at least the next two or three years. The proud owner was thirteen years old and along with 2 or 3 of her friends would regularly walk around Ackworth, radio cradled in her arm. They would listen to the latest songs being played by the pirate radio stations, Radio Luxemburg and Radio Caroline. Singing along to the likes of the Shangri-las, the Hollies and many more, giving hours of entertainment even on a cold winter evening.  It is still treasured by its owner and although no longer working, often triggers fond memories of those good old days of the “Swinging Sixties”.

Bridget Malloy's Last (Low Ackworth)

This cobblers last which would was originally intended for mending shoes probably ended up like many others being used as a door stop.

(available to view in Ackworth Heritage cabinet upstairs in Parish rooms, Bell Lane) 

Willet & Nephew bottle.

Any further information about this business most welcome -

(available to view in Ackworth Heritage cabinet upstairs in Parish rooms, Bell Lane) 

Kensitas Cigarette Box.

Found under the floorboards of a house in Hillside Rd this empty cigarette packet would have been left behind by one of the workmen who were doing alterations to what were then council houses. It dates from around 1972 and would have cost about 40p for 20 cigarettes. Like many other brands of cigarettes there was a coupon inside which (when enough were saved) could be exchanged for a gift. The more you saved the better the gift. (Note the burn mark on the left of the packet where the workman has rested his lit cigarette, leaving it there for a bit too long.)