The Brackenhill Light Railway (mineral line), a subsidiary of the London and North Eastern Railway, branched off the line between Sheffield and York east of Ackworth and joined the line between Wakefield and Doncaster at Hemsworth Colliery near Fitzwilliam.

The route of the railway through Ackworth, showing Brackenhill Junction with the main line near the 6 arches (left of map) and at the other end where it went into Hemsworth Colliery. 

Nowadays it is Dando's Way walking, bridle and cycle route through the village, but if you look carefully, you can still see evidence of the railway. The bridges near the Angel and at the top of Hillside are the most obvious, but you can also pick out the smaller bridges that gave access to the quarries where the ground has sunk either side along the route between the Angel and Hardaker Lane. 

Amongst the following images there are some other remains of the railways that are still visible today.

The track bed looking towards Mount Pleasant

Taken from Hillside Bridge on Barnsley Road in 1962 (above photo copyright - Gerald England)) with track still in place. and below in 1963

The old level crossing on Mill Lane.

Today the Railway cottages still remain, but the route of the old railway in front of them ends where the Millgate housing now stands.


Dave Brignell recalls...

"I remember the train arriving at the level crossing on Mill Lane and loads of us used to sit on the gate as it was pushed open to allow the train to get through".


Photo taken from Angel Bridge on Wakefield Road, with Heaton Street and the now buried bridge below the path across Dandos way to the new houses on Barleyfields Close. The railway tracks have gone and the cutting was later filled in several times as the ground settled and once again exposed the many bridges which passed over or under the track. (see map)

The old weigh bridge office can still be seen through the fence of the Tarmac plant. 

(Photo March 2011 Stephen Crawshaw)

(Photo 2017 Carole Marsh)

The plate layer's hut, also visible through the fence of the tarmac plant and the old Station Master's House.

(Photo March 2011 Stephen Crawshaw)

(Photo August 2017 Stephen Crawshaw)

Below is a plan showing what remained of the goods station when it was leased to Dunn & Co and mentions the removal and scrapping of the 40 ton weighbridge, to be replaced by a 30 ton weighbridge by Dunns and the 'Loop Line clamped at both ends and out of use'