Post Offices

It's hard to believe that Ackworth once had 3 Post Offices at the same time, one known as Brackenhill Post Office, one known as Moor Top Post Office and the other known as High Ackworth Post Office. It seems odd that Low Ackworth didn't have one, or did it?

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Brackenhill Post Office

First known location on Wakefield Road, opposite the Angel pub. Post Master was Mr Penn.

2nd location at the top of West View, Wakefield Road (now a house) during the 60s. This photo shows Mr George, his wife and family (Stephen, Lesley &?). Previous to this the Postmaster here in the 50s was Ernest Beckett.

3rd location, at the second from right end of the 6 shops on Wakefield Road


Moor Top Post Office

Situated in Bell Lane.

First at the bottom of the hill which became Smith's Cycle shop in the 60s, Ann Bennett's 'Gear Box' in the 80s and now Scissor Happy hair salon.

Then moved to the top of the hill in what is now Balti Bazaar (opposite the Masons Arms). This is an earlier photo before it was the Post Office and the building behind was the sorting office and telephone exchange.

High Ackworth Post Office

The census of 1891 shows that the post office was in the end house of Alexander Terrace and was run by Charles Ransome. In 1901 and 1911 the sub postmistress was Miss Mary Bailey.

In 1913 Harry Asquith became the postmaster and brought with him his wife Emma and son Austin. He was called up to fight in WW1 in the Highland Light Infantry and was killed in action in France just a month before the end of the war in 1918. Emma Asquith became the sub postmistress, still at Alexander Terrace. 

In 1933 she moved with the Post Office across the road to 70 Pontefract Road where she remained until her death in1957. Her son Austin Asquith took over from her until he retired in 1975. The Post Office had been run by the Asquith family for 62 years. During this time it was also the mail sorting office with 4 regular postmen and women working from there plus extra students at Christmas. At that time there was even a delivery on Christmas Day!

When Austin Asquith retired the counter work passed to Mr Wright's grocery shop further down Pontefract Road and the mail sorting part was transferred to the Mission Room on Wakefield Road.


In 1913 Harry Asquith's annual salary was £78 10s and for this he was expected to work as follows:

Weekdays-- 6am to 6.50 am

                    8am to 8pm

Sunday------7.40am to 7.55am

                    8.15am to 10am


By 1975 the hours had reduced but the postmaster had to be up at 6am to receive the mail to be sorted and still be there at 7pm for the mail bags to be collected. The counter hours were 9am to 6pm and 9am to 1pm on Saturday, but he still had to be there to take telegrams. 

(Information kindly provided by Elaine Roberts (nee Asquith) Granddaughter of Harry and Emma Asquith and Daughter of Austin and Phyllis Asquith)


Harry Asquith in his WW1 Highland Light Infantry Uniform with his Emma and son Austin who ran the Post Office when it was at Alexander Terrace, High Ackworth and after his death when it moved over the road to 70 Pontefract Road.

 Austin and Phyllis Asquith June 1975 when they retired

First on this side of the road in the end house (listed here in 1901 and 1911 Census)

Moved over the road to 70 Pontefract Road in 1933 (Post office entrance was to the left of the picture)

When Austin Asquith retired in 1975 the counter work passed to Mr Wright's grocery shop further down Pontefract Road (Shown on this photo on left when it was previously Waites Grocers shop)