St Cuthbert's Church

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The old Saxon church took it's name from St Cuthbert (Monk and 6th Bishop of Lindisfarne) who died in 688, after the monks of Lindisfarne carried his body from place to place to escape the Danes, with Ackworth being one of the resting places.

At the time of the Conquest, it came into the hands of the Norman family of de Lacy and the village became part of the Honor of Pontefract until Stuart times.

In 1852 the church was restored after a fire had damaged the Nave and Chancel . During the rebuilding, the remains of a Norman chapel were discovered.

The 68 feet high tower is the oldest and only portion which remains in it's entirety after the restoration in 1853. It was built in the 14th century and contains a peal of inscribed bells.

This information was taken from 'A Short History of the Parish of S. Cuthbert, Ackworth and the Chapel-of-ease All Saints with credits to Revd J.L. Saywell, Mr W.A. Green and Mrs M.W. Acworth. The full version of the booklet is below, with more details about the interior of St. Cuthbert's Church...