Doctors Surgeries

The 'Hut' or 'Mac's Shack' as it was often referred to had a pot-bellied stove in the centre, surrounded by benches was directly opposite today's College Lane Surgery, where the Spar now stands.

The surgery which stood where College Lane Surgery car park now is. 

It consisted of a main waiting room where Baby clinic was held each week and prams were parked under the outside canopy, The receptionists office with sliding glass window through which you checked in and consulting rooms off the main waiting room for Drs McRoberts, McWilliams and Brearley. 

The surgery can just be seen beyond the chemist.

College Lane Surgery, named after the lane on which it stands, which led up to Flounders College Institute.

College Lane, leading from where the surgery stands on Hillside up to Flounders College Institute, (which stood at the junction of what is now Fothergill Avenue and Holly Bank).