Ackworth Photo Competition

Closed for new entries! Thank you everyone

People of Ackworth - dust off your camera and get snapping.

We live in a beautiful village and I think it'd be great to build up a database of stunning pictures of Ackworth.  As mentioned, this may lead to a charity calendar of the best pictures but there are still some logistics to sort out with this so it's just a photo database for the time being.  In preparation for if we do use them as a calendar, I have asked for the season you want it to be included under.  This does mean that photos can have been taken at any time so dig out those old snaps of the snow!

Please submit your entries below and we'll start a gallery of the entries.  The only rules are:

  1. It has to be your photograph
  2. It must be of Ackworth

Please give a name to your photograph and an explanation of where it was taken.  You can submit as many photographs as you like.

Please try and use good quality photos with a high resolution so if we do use them as a calendar, the pictures can be enlarged without issue.