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Driving Licences

This little red book was issued to drivers up until 1973 and had to be renewed ever three years. It was then replaced with a paper version which was valid up to the drivers 70th birthday.

Dog Licence

Dog licences were first introduced in the UK in 1867 and were required for all dogs over the age of 6 months. This one was issued in 1986 just before the licencing of dogs was abolished the following year. The cost of 37pence (originally seven shillings & sixpence (7/6)) never changed over that time yet still many owners either couldn't afford one of simply choose not to get one, even with the threat of a £10 fine. (Note the information about Rabies on the back).

1939 Census

Hillside Rd    Numbers:2 - 16 + 65

Hillside Rd    Numbers 3 - 19

Hillside Rd   Numbers 7 -25

Hillside Rd    Numbers 25 -43

Hillside Rd    Numbers 38 -50

Hillside Rd    Numbers 43 -65

Hillside Rd    Numbers  43 - 29

+ ? Farm, Flounders Hill, Laural ? Bank, Victoria Terr

Chapel Garth   Numbers  10 - 28

Chapel Garth    Numbers 21 - 39

Chapel Garth    Numbers 28 -51

+ 11 Watering Troughs

Chapel Garth    Numbers 39 - 55

Doncaster Rd Est   Numbers 27 - 34