Mission Rooms Memories



Land was donated to the parish by Celia Mary Micklethwaite in 1909 and the Mission Rooms built in 1910.

Many villagers have fond memories of the Mission Rooms. The following is an extract from a discussion on the Old Ackworth FaceBook page...

  • "Used to go there on a Sunday afternoon when Reverend Armstrong was there 1960's"
  • "I remember going with mum to baby clinic and having vaccinations, jumble sales, youth club, miners strike we had a meal there and got butter and cheese it was a real hub of the village"
  • "I remember going on a Friday night to the Social run by the Church & dancing the Gay Gordons - this was before the disco era!"
  • "We had some good times at the Socials didn't we. We learned all the old time dances there, St Bernard Waltz, Barn Dance, Military Two Step etc. with Ada Pritchard playing the piano"
  • "Used to go there for old time dancing the fifties good memories!!!!"
  • "I remember going to youth clubs/ jumble sales"
  • "Remember jumble sales which mum did with Ackworth Young Wives group and Saturday morning movies "
  • "Miner's strike dinners had to take turns washing up or peeling the carrots"
  • "Mum said baby clinic was there in the 50s /60s My memories are of jumble sales, ballet and tap dancing lessons when I was little, then cubs when my boys were young"
  • "1st Ackworth Guides used to meet there"
  • "It also use to be the mail sorting office for the village when Ron Curtis was postmaster"
  • "I use to do karate in there ..strangely it was the guy who taught me that bought the place"
  • "My parents, along with some wonderful friends/helpers, held jumble sales and fashion shows here to raise funds for Killngbeck Hospital, who took care of me. We used to have to walk in banging broom handles on the floor to scare the mice off first"
  • "That takes me back it was a youth club!"
  • "I remember taking my record player and 45 singles so we could have a disco, started my passion for music,  did disco for over 30 years did my last one about 5 years ago "
  • "I seem to remember a Darby and Joan club holding monthly meals there"
  • "I had my wedding tea there 58 years ago"
  • "Used to go to Sunday school there in the 70’s"
  • "I remember birthday parties in there"
  • "Back in the 50s Bob Thompson and his wife ran dances every Saturday night. A lot of us (oldies) had polio vaccine on a sugar lump here,"
  • "We’ve heard that troops were stationed here during the war"
  • "I grew up helping Mum and "the ladies" with jumble sales and bazaars for the church in there. I remember when there was a stage, and the bit on the right was the committee room. I also seem to remember the bit on the left where the toilets were was orginally bigger than shown?"

...and finally a message from it's current owners in 2021...

"Lovely to hear all your memories. We’ve lived in the Mission Rooms for 30 years in March! We’re very happy here and it’s great to hear it’s been a part of so many lives"