Brackenhill and the Bullring

Brackenhill is the first street on the left as you enter the village from Hessle Common on Wakefield Road although it is often the name given to a larger area of the village.

If you travelled down and around the corner in this photo you would come to Seals buildings which were also known as the Bullring.

Brackenhill (The gable end of this row can be seen in the photo above but these have now been demolished). This view is taken from Brackenhill Beck that ran at the bottom of their gardens.

Behind this row, can just be seen the chimneys os Seals buildings (Known as the Bullring)

The same row in Brackenhill, taken from the other direction, looking towards Wakefield Road, with Hemsworth Pit stacks in the distance (Now Fitzwilliam Country Park)

The Bullring (Seals buildings)

These side by side maps show the location of Seals buildings in the 1900s and their location in relation to Madison Close.