Photo Winners

Thank you to everyone who entered the photo competition this year, the standard was amazing and we're so pleased to have such a fantastic array of photos to showcase the village.

We were going to put this out to a public vote however owing to time constraints, work commitments and other events, time slipped away and therefore we have decided to judge this ourselves so we can still make a calendar of the entries.  Apologies for not making this a public vote but it would have extended the time needed and we may have missed the boat.

I have tried to include a mixture of scenes and have excluded the animal shots as I want this to showcase the beauty of the village.  There are also some entries that would probably not be suitable when expanded to a large picture.


The winners are grouped in to the seasons.  Only one photo per entrant has been selected and every winner will receive a free copy of the calendar if/when it is printed.

Winners: Please check the name of your entry and the spelling of names etc and Contact Us if anything needs changing as mistakes won't be able to be rectified once the design is done.  Thank you.


Sunset by Karen Bennett

I love the colours in this picture against the silhouette of the rooftops

Misty Morning by Anj Hollinworth

I think this is a stunning photo showing the mist over the fields

Whistling Past the old Railway Station by Leslie Parsons

We're very lucky to have regular visits from steam locomotives through the village and I liked the idea of showing this in the calendar.


The Six Arches by Clive Shorthouse

It's such an iconic image of the village that we had to have one of them in there.  I think this shows it off in all its glory

St Cuthbert's Church by Joanne Halliwell

I wanted to showcase some of the buildings around Ackworth and this captures the church very well

Summer Sunset by Julia Rockett

I loved this image of the sun setting through the foliage


Autumn by Carol Fozzard

Draw a picture of Autumn and you'd draw something like this so it had to be included.

Ackworth Sunrise by Mark Woodward

The contrast of colours here makes for a spectacular photo and one that screams Autumn also.

Harvest Time at Went Hill by Richard Douglas

It's a lovely view over the harvested fields and makes for a very picturesque addition


White Out by Claire Lake

A stunning winter scene of the village and it had to be included

Sunrise in Ackworth by Sam Knight

Capturing some snow, a beautiful sunrise and a dog - what's not to like?

New Year's Eve Morning by James Thackrah

I know this is the second photo featuring the Six Arches but it had to be included as I think it's stunning.