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Published on 1 July 2021 at 00:00

By Ian Moore

Welcome to the Ackworth Community Hub - I'm glad you found us.

First of all, let me introduce myself, I am Ian and I have lived in Ackworth since 2016.  I have been involved in organising the Scarecrow Festival as well as the Advent Window event, mainly giving technical support.  I created a temporary website for the 2021 Scarecrow Festival and it got my old cogs whirring and I thought having a permanent site for Ackworth would be a great idea.

There are various webpages and Facebook groups but information is spread over a number of locations so the idea is that this will be a central location to help the residents of Ackworth to find what they are looking for.  The current idea is that we will have pages dedicated to:

  • Local pages of interest - such as Ackworth Heritage
  • Local business directory - allowing businesses to list themselves on this site so people can find what they need and to promote local businesses where possible
  • Annual events - pages dedicated to the annual events such as the scarecrow festival
  • Clubs and groups - a directory and information about local clubs and groups so everyone knows what is going and, where and when
  • Local information - where are the parks, good walks, schools etc
  • Blogs and articles - Open to everyone to use


These are just ideas however.  The aim is for this to be a site for the people of Ackworth and everyone is welcome to contribute ideas and suggestions about how we use this space.

This is all being done on a voluntary basis with help from Carole Marsh and Claire Bell so I ask that people are patient if we take a while to reply or to get your business listed.  It also means we do request some help with running costs if you can spare a few pounds.  We hope that all businesses that use this page can donate a recommended amount of £5 for a year's listing but if other residents who use this service want to contribute, they are more than welcome.  I must stress that any donations will only ever go to 2 places - the hosting fees of this site or charity if we collect too much.


I hope everyone finds use of this website and many thanks to everyone who has helped so far.




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