Ackworth Pram Race

Published on 18 July 2021 at 19:00

By Ian Moore

The annual Ackworth Pram Race takes place on bank holiday weekend in August - the 29th.


The Ackworth Community Hub has been chosen to help promote this event and as such, we have created some pages to help people understand what is going on, how to get involved and some of the history behind this fantastic event.


The pram race is a very personal event and was started after a family was torn apart after the parents passed away.  You can read about more of this here.  Nowadays, the race raises money for all sorts of charities and this year it is the Prince of Wales Hospice.

More details will be announced as the weeks pass by so please follow the Facebook group for updates, include entertainment booked.

The race itself kicks off from Carr Bridge Playing Fields at 1pm and passes past a number of Ackworth landmarks (i.e. pubs!) for refreshment.  You can see the route it takes here.

The race relys on many people - volunteers and participants - to make it a success.  If you want to do either, please get in contact using the links below.



If anyone wants any more information, please do get in contact or leave a comment below.

Let's hope the sun shines down this year and makes this another memorable event.  Thank you to all who make this happen.

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